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As a ReachLocal Agency, we can help you implement their advertising platform in a quick and efficient manner.  With our marketing experience, we can help you drive more customers to your site than ever before, and more importantly, work with you to maximize the buyers out of your visitors.

Watch the Video

If you are unfamiliar with internet marketing and how your business can prosper from it, watch the introductory video.  It will give you a great basic overview of how internet marketing works and how we can help your business succeed.

Media Trafficking

Based on the type of business you wish to promote and the areas you wish to target, the ReachLocal platform automatically selects the best publishers for you and recommends a budget for your campaign. In addition, you only have to create one ad, and the ReachLocal platform will place it with each publisher for you. Publishers include: Search Engines (Google, Yahoo), Internet Yellow Pages (SuperPages.com) & advertising networks (Advertising.com).

Cost-Effective Regional Targeting

The ReachLocal advertising platform is able to target your campaign to geographic regions (Designated Marketing Areas) or to any U.S. city.

  Complete Keyword Selection & Bidding

You tell us which products & services you would like to promote, and the ReachLocal platform generates the best keywords for your search engine marketing. On average, over 5,000 keywords are generated for your business. In addition, the ReachLocal platform monitors the bids for each keyword to match your budget.

Patent-Pending Reverse Proxy Solution

In order for businesses with existing web sites to determine which visitors are coming from their ReachLocal campaigns, the ReachLocal platform automatically creates proxied versions of those pages. Phone numbers & e-mail links are automatically switched to campaign-specific tracking phone numbers and e-mails so that ALL activity can be tied back to your ReachLocal campaign. In addition, any page of an existing web site can be tracked through this technology. This requires NO work on behalf of the advertiser or their webmaster.

ReachROI™ Suite & Reports

The ReachLocal platform is able to track all campaign activity to determine campaign return on investment: phone calls (through tracking phone numbers that forward directly to the advertiser’s existing phone number); e-mails (through form mails that forward directly to the advertiser’s existing e-mail address); coupon registrations (that forward to the advertiser’s existing e-mail address). This reporting data is available through the ReachLocal site.

Media Optimization

The ReachLocal platform is constantly “learning.” Based on what does and does not work, the ReachLocal platform will optimize future campaigns to ensure the best possible results for the businesses advertising through the platform.


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